I Love Nikon D3000

I am an amateur photographer, but have a huge curiosity and passion on photography. I love to learn anything about it, and respect anyone who is trying to make good works on it. Some of the pictures are mine. Some are no not.
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Seen in Central Park


Selfie en el podio del Gran Premio Red Bull de las Americas en Austin, Texas. 1. Marquez; 2. Pedrosa; 3. Dovizioso   

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skinny legs … don’t you think so?

Today we played a friendly basketball match with the UAE Special Needs Team as part of the initiative

1st pic: Mansoor bin Mohammed led the Higher Committee for Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities Team

2nd pic: Mansour bin Mohammed:It is our duty to provide people with disabilities a full opportunity to employ their talents

all pictures were taken from Dubai Media Office Twitter @DXBMediaOffice

Jorge …

One of my fav

one early morning at backyard

small garden in front of my office

I was there …


The little boy is Mohammed…he is the son of Aj6544

Look at his cheeks. Looks like he use blush on or something … lol. What a cute baby.
Some people said if you want to have beautiful children, marry an arab hahaha don’t u think so?

Kinda busy with my holiday with some real fella … I mean no the virtual friends hehehe lol. Promise I’ll post some pics for u all and I’ll show the beauty of my country

Miss u all
Grup hugs

Your Highness please … give Uncle Saeed a chance to eat! He looks hungry