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I am an amateur photographer, but have a huge curiosity and passion on photography. I love to learn anything about it, and respect anyone who is trying to make good works on it. Some of the pictures are mine. Some are no not.

This is the place I can run from my real life

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As a person who loves logical thinking i must say something:) If Hamdan would love secretly some woman, do u think he would be so sad? I don't think so. He could hide her, but not hide his happiness on face. And what we see? His sad tired eyes without joy. So in my opinion he is not in love. Unfortunately
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Why does everybody say Sheikh Hamdan have sad eyes. Don’t you think that all Arab men eyes look that way? They usually have dark circle around their eyes.

Deutschland uber alles … liebe Bastian Schweinsteiger

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Indonesian Presidential Election.
Today the two candidates came to The Election Commission to take the election number. The man who was standing is my choice. He is Mr. Prabowo Subianto Djojohadikusumo. Gave salute to the opponent. He is a truly great leader. Gives respect to all even his opponent. May Allah bless you, Sir. And bring our country to be a great country in the future, under your rule. Aamiin

There will be Presidential Election in my country on July 9th, 2014. And he is the one I choose. Mr. Prabowo Subianto Djojohadikusumo. The former General who becomes politician and successful businessman. Strong leadership and great man. Hopefully Indonesia will be a great country under his rule, In Shaa Allah …

Sorry, I unfollowed you
I just unfollowed a blog. It used to post many nice picture about hijab, Islamic quotes, and architecture. But just now, I found it post a video with gay porn content. And you know what, it was Allah name on it. It was heart breaking. And I still angry till now. So, I unfollow that blog. Please people, be polite!!!


Seen in Central Park


Selfie en el podio del Gran Premio Red Bull de las Americas en Austin, Texas. 1. Marquez; 2. Pedrosa; 3. Dovizioso   

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skinny legs … don’t you think so?

Today we played a friendly basketball match with the UAE Special Needs Team as part of the initiative

1st pic: Mansoor bin Mohammed led the Higher Committee for Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities Team

2nd pic: Mansour bin Mohammed:It is our duty to provide people with disabilities a full opportunity to employ their talents

all pictures were taken from Dubai Media Office Twitter @DXBMediaOffice

Jorge …